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Gift Cards

The best present you can gift to your loved ones is time. 

We created this digital gift certificates with the thought of saving your time on choosing a present, without sacrificing your daily routine. Made simple and personalised.


Gift quality time with benefit to Mind&Skin to your loved ones. 


We offer certificates with value of:


  • €75
  • €100
  • €150
  • €200
  • €300


How to buy your certificate?


The process is made simple, all you have to do is follow this link, choose the value of gift card, log in with your Gmail, Facebook or Fresha account and fill out recipient’s contact details. Afterwards, you are redirected to a payment page, which is secure and follows the privacy standards. Immediately after, the digital certificate is sent to the recipient via email and you receive your confirmation. The recipient will receive an email with her/his digital gift card and unique code, which can be used for online booking through our website. 

Alternatively, you may purchase the gift cards directly at our store and our administrator will gladly assist you in this process. 


How to redeem your certificate?


Because we value personalised approach, you may decide how you would like to spend your certificate – the whole amount at once or use it multiple times, until the amount is fully spent. If you prefer to spend more on the services than the value of your gift card, you may pay the difference directly after the provided service. If you spend less, the rest amount will be allocated to your personal profile and will stay in the system until fully used.


The gift cards have expiration date and are the following: 


  • €75 & €100 – valid for 2 months
  • €150 & €200 – valid for 3 months 
  • €300 – valid for 6 months 


*The gift cards are valid for facials&treatments only


 Gift Cards for your Loved Ones

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