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If you are a skin care fan or a regular client at Face It, you may now benefit from our memberships that offer reduced prices on several facials. Choose your set of treatments from our selection and enjoy your favourite facial at a reduced price. Consistency is key for a result! 


We offer memberships for the following treatments: 


  • Face Workout – 6 sessions -  €480 €390. Valid for 6 months


  • If you you love working out as much as we do, this membership is a unique opportunity to enjoy your favourite Face Workout facial with a reduced price


  • Glam Night – 5 sessions - €450 €380. Valid for 1 year


  • Nothing can beat a healthy, clean and glowing skin, this is a fact. If you share the same vision with us, you may benefit from this membership for a cleansing and lifting treatment with reduced price.


  • Face ID – 6 sessions - €300 €240. Valid for 6 months


  • Facial massage can work wonders for lifting the oval, increasing blood circulation and thus working as an anti-age therapy. You can now enjoy our signature facial massage in combination with alginate mask at a special price


  • Clear Skin – 5 sessions – €500 €425. Valid for 1 year


  • For those who are looking to improve skin’s texture and purify the skin without any side effects, this clear skin facial is a perfect solution. You can now benefit from this membership with reduced price


  • Glow Up – 6 sessions – €240 €190. Valid for 6 months


  • Suitable for all year around, this facial hydrates and mildly exfoliates the skin. If you are a skin care fan, you may now benefit from this membership with a reduced price


  • LED Therapy – 10 sessions - €300 €240. Valid for 6 months


  • LED Therapy is extremely effective in treating acne, scars and wrinkles. We use the latest generation of LED lamps that show visible results. Because it is the most effective to do regular sessions, we offer a reduced price on this package for you to benefit from it and get a desired result


  • Manual Facial Massage – 10 sessions - €350 €280. Valid for 6 months 


  • Facial massage is an alternative to injections - you can achieve visible lifting effect, toned face and sculpted oval. Our signature technique is developed specifically for lifting and drainage. Most effective when done for several sessions. You may now sculpt your face with a reduced price.


How to buy your membership?


The process is made simple, all you have to do is follow this link, choose your membership and log in with your Gmail, Facebook or Fresha account. Afterwards, you are redirected to a payment page, which is secure and follows the privacy standards. Immediately after, the digital membership is sent to you via email and you receive your confirmation. 

Alternatively, you may purchase the membership directly at our store and our administrator will gladly assist you in this process. 


How to book with your membership?


After you have received your membership, you may book your appointment online. All you have to do is book your facial using the same account as with which you paid the membership. In the list of services the purchased facial will be indicated as “included in your membership”. You will receive a notice on the amount of facials left in your package. 

Alternatively, you may book offline and let us do the rest for you. 


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