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PRX-T33 – all-season famous, gentle peeling that will exfoliate, resurface and brighten the complexion. Try in combination with facial massage or alginate mask €90-30min/€120-45min

Peeling for every skin type – the most innovative, using the latest technology peels that will safely exfoliate and resurface skin. Our professionals will help you choose the most suitable peel for your skin type and needs €85-40 min

Champagne Facial by iS Clinical – Sparkles of bubbles! It features active foaming agents for light and effective exfoliation for all skin types, leaving the skin clear and glowing for days. €100-45 min

Red Carpet by iS Clinical – all-time classic treatment by Is Clinical, directly from Hollywood. This remarkable facial will exfoliate, remove appearance of fine lines, as well as smooth the skin. €85-40min

BioRePeelCl3 €80-30MIN / €90-40MIN / €120-60MIN
An innovative, break-through in peeling industry treatment, indicated to revitalise skin, reduce scars, pigmentation, post-acne and fine lines. It is an effective alternative to bio revitalisation without needles. Suitable for all year around, all ages and genders. No downtime.

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